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1. How do I sign up for new phone service?
2. Is a deposit required for reconnects?
3. What options do I have to pay my bill?
4. Where can I pay my Pigeon Telephone bill in person?
5. Can I pay my bill by phone?
6. How can I automatically pay my bill from my bank account?
7. Can I pay my bill with a credit card?
8. When is my Pigeon Telephone bill due?
9. Where do I mail my payment?
10. Do you offer a vacation rate for seasonal customers?










1. You can print out a New Service Application from the following link or you can call in on our toll-free number 1-800-292-0614 to fill out an application for new service.
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2. Yes, there is a $150 maximum-security deposit for any delinquent disconnect.
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3. You can pay by VISA/MasterCard, automatic checking draft, automatic credit card draft, check, or money order.
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4. You can pay your Pigeon Telephone bill in person at our main business office located at 20 S Main St., Pigeon MI or you can drop it in our convenient drop box locations on Alba Hwy, Alba or Main St, Pigeon.
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5. You can pay your bill by phone using your VISA/MasterCard or Checking Debit Card.

















6. You can find an automatic bank draft form on the back of your payment stub or call and request a form. You can also find an automatic bank draft form at the following link.
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7. Yes, you can pay your bill by credit card by calling our office at 1-800-292-0614.
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8. Your Pigeon Telephone bill is due on the 22nd of every monthly.
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9. Your payment can be mailed to PO Box 650, Pigeon MI 48755.
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10. Yes, we offer a vacation rate for seasonal customers. You pay $10.00 disconnect fee and pay half of your current monthly charges.
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